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I studied the international Business course and I just loved it. The classes are very well organized to make all the details understandable. I had teachers who have working experience in marketing, business or finances. They gave us case studies and real examples which made it easier to understand and remember. I think that the international Business course is going to help me get a good job, especially in big companies or international companies in Brazil.

Douglas Nagasse Tsudano, Brazil

Diploma of International Business (BSB50815)

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  • Combine academic knowledge with hands-on experience through an unpaid internship
  • Develop managerial skills to apply to an international business context
  • Gain skills to analyse data, research, and identify business opportunities

Program Description

The Diploma of International Business provides students with a sound theoretical knowledge base in international business management. Students will develop a range of managerial skills to ensure that international business activities are conducted effectively in an organization.


5 hours per week of coursework will be completed online. The online study component includes exercises, discussion forums, and resources to help with assignments and to provide foundational academic and learning skills. Online study is available 24/7 for students to complete any time, and can also be used to reach instructors outside of class. 15 hours of study per week will take place face-to-face in the classroom.

Students must attend one lecture per week, and make up the remaining class hours by combining workshops, business skill tutorials and assessment tutorials.

See the Sample Schedule.

Optional Internship Placement

In addition to the course work, students can undertake an unpaid internship placement in the business community. The aim of this placement is to provide practical experience in a business environment. Duties may vary and a business dress code may be required. The internship coordinator will visit students at the work place to offer support.

Program Overview

  • Build international business networks
  • Manage budgets and financial plans
  • Profile international plans
  • Analyse consumer behaviour for specific international markets
  • Forecast international market and business needs
  • Promote products and services to international markets
  • Analyse data from international markets
  • Identify and evaluate marketing opportunities
Course units may be subject to change

Program Length

24 weeks (20 hours/week)* - Nighttime
* Optional internships available. Internship hours vary depending on schedule.

2017 Program Start Dates

BNE & SYD Start Dates: Jan 16, Feb 6, Feb 27, Mar 20, Apr 10, May 2, May 22, Jun 13, Jul 3, Jul 24, Aug 14, Sep 4, Sep 25, Oct 16, Nov 6, Nov 27, Dec 18

MEL Start Dates: Apr 10, May 2, May 22, Jun 13, Jul 3, Jul 24, Aug 14, Sep 4, Sep 25, Oct 16, Nov 6, Nov 27, Dec 1

Program availability is dependent on trainee enrollment

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